A Few Simple Tricks to Maximize Your SEO Success


Believe it or not, local search engine optimization has been around for a long time. Below are some tips to help you get more out of your local searches.

A good way to get the most from local searches is to go about listing yourself with the bigwigs in the industry. This talks about Maps by Google and Local by Yahoo!. These two happen to be the most influential in this area, which is why you should try to get listed with them first, and then get on with the other things. The idea is that, by listing with these names, you�ll get more traffic from the search engines than you�ll know what to do with. Listing with Google Maps is actually easier than you may think. All you have to do is fill out a little form and you�ll then be sent a phone message or an email so that you can let them know you are who you claim to be. Once you have verified everything, you�ll have to wait for four to six weeks before you can see your site in the local search listings. You�ll see that Yahoo! isn�t much different, except the verification process is missing. Yahoo! even lets you tailor your business listing how you want it.

Another plus about going with Yahoo! is that the approval process is very fast. Don�t forget to do this or else you�ll find getting targeted traffic quite difficult.

Each location of your business should have its own landing page. For local listings, don't try to create more than one targeted listing for a single business, though if there are several locations there's nothing wrong with targeting each separate location. In this case, however, you should have a separate landing page for every location that is about that unique location. What you should avoid is having a home page or single landing page that gets all the traffic from more than one local listing. It's important to make everything clear to your prospects, and distinct landing pages accomplish this. This is something that is worth paying attention to, even if it may not seem that important.

Diversifying your anchor text is something you need to do. All SEO marketers understand just how valuable it is to use long tail keywords with your marketing efforts to the search engines; when you practice Local SEO, that is what you're using. This gives you the opportunity to play around with the anchor text of your links, which means you should try to have a wide variety of anchor text diversification to expand your reach. As an example: "New York Chocolate Store" is just one option for chocolate sellers in New York. Two other things you can use are "Chocolate Store in New York" and "Chocolate Stores in Manhattan, New York." Don't ever forget the value that search engines place on anchor texts; use as many different versions as you can think up to raise your rankings online.

In summary, what we've seen above are simple local SEO tips that you can apply to your current business and get more traffic.

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