The Truth About 3 Internet Marketing Myths

Internet marketing can be complicated for some and the same time easy for many. How are the successful internet marketers different from the ones that aren't so successful? You have to work and think for yourself and not take for granted the myths. In this article we are going to poke holes in some of these myths that can hurt business if you listen to their merit.

A lot of people are afraid of looking bad, or other things, and that is why it can be hard to request an email address from a visitor. However that is something that just needs to be gotten over with because it's not true and never will be. All experienced IM marketers know for a fact that an email marketing list can be extremely lucrative. That's right; when you have relevant subscribers on your list who are interested in your niche, you'll have the opportunity to sell them over and over again and build a long term business. That is why no one should feel bad about asking for anyone's name or email address in order to build a list. It's a fact that you need to follow-up with people for some time, about 7 times roughly, before they're ready to make a purchase. If you have been hesitant to build a list, then just nevermind about it and get to building one. The second online marketing myth that needs to be forgotten is that you will get a lot of good feedback if you purchase cheap traffic. Unfortunately, this doesn't happen for new internet marketers. In order for traffic to be convert into sales, it must be very targeted and of a good caliber. All those traffic generation services that promise to send 10,000 visitors at $10 bucks know zilch about getting you the right kind of visitors. They only want your money. Yes, there will be thousands of visitors on your website, but they are useless because they aren't buying product. It makes better sense to pay $10 to get those 100 people that want to purchase your product than pay the same for those that don't want to get it.

The third internet marketing myth is that once you are ranked highly by the search engines, you don't have to do much more work for traffic. But the fact of the matter is that you will have to work even harder to maintain your high ranking. For example if you are ranking for a particular keyword, you will recognize that there are constantly other sites that are trying to rank highly for that same keyword. So you have to constantly work towards adding more backlinks to your site and fresh content in order to stay ahead of the crowd. In conclusion, internet marketing can make your dreams come true. Just like as with most businesses, you have to put in a lot of work and brainpower in order to make it work and not believe stupid mthys.

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